Scott Lefton's Patent Services

Scott Lefton is a Registered Patent Agent (registration #53,200) with experience in a wide range of mechanical and electronic patent areas and can provide your company with patent services including patent searching, drafting of patent applications, producing patent drawings, filing and prosecuting patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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What I can do for your company

  • Interview your technical staff about the invention, the development process, the specific areas of innovation, how it compares with and improves upon existing devices, and possible alternate ways to both realize the invention and to use it. As an engineer, I'm more able to speak the language of your technical staff than most patent attorneys can, and my work experience has covered both the invention side and the patent application side of the patenting process.
  • Produce a disclosure report including all of the above, and outlining the key inventive features that are potentially patentable. Having this information is critical for your company to be able to make an informed decision on whether to order a formal patent search and possibly a patent application.
  • Perform a formal patent search, and if potential anticipation or infringement is found, offer practical suggestions for design strategies to reduce the risk of a patent application rejection, or of infringement on existing patents.
  • Write, file, and conduct the prosecution of the patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This way, you have the benefit of my combined experience through the entire patenting process.

If you already have a patent attorney

  • I may be able to provide your company with a more cost-effective and thorough technical disclosure by interviewing your technical staff with an engineer's insight into the inventive process. I offer lower rates for writing and research than a patent law firm does, and I'm likely to catch technical details that they'd miss.
  • I can provide highly accurate and detailed patent drawings, using CAD files and photographs of the invention as source material and ending with line drawings that are compliant with all USPTO drawing requirements. My process also makes many typical drawing changes rapid and cost-effective.
  • When your patent attorney works with me, they'll have organized, complete information to accurately describe inventions and to compare them with existing patents in their field.
  • My combined experience with new product design, engineering management, patent searching, analyzing patents and drafting patent applications enables me to bridge the gap between the technical world of inventors, engineers and product designers, and the intellectual property world of patent attorneys
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